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A Clean Sweep: Aphids in Pulses

July is when the prairies start to get a taste of what summer actually is: warm weather, thunderstorms, and bugs. In agriculture, these summer forces can make or break the crop year. Insects can be negative or positive, and in pulse crops, the insect of interest is aphids.  About Aphids These small, green pests overwinter […]

Things To Consider About Sclerotinia Application

As we come to the start of July and look out into our canola fields, we are seeing beautiful cabbaging canola that is starting to bolt. One of the big questions we always have from our growers is whether or not it is worth spraying canola for sclerotinia. As growers are facing tight margins and […]

What To Do When Your Crops Experience Stress

Of all of the things that affect crop production, the environment is the single-most influential factor.  Both the positive benefits and the negative stressors created by the environment not only affect plant growth and the actual yield attained at harvest, but they also play a critical role in whether a plant will be able to […]

Tips For Feeding Your Crops

If you are fine-tuning your farming practices to achieve higher yield or quality, foliar nutrition is one of your most powerful tools.  The portfolio of foliar nutrition products continues to expand, with many products available for the majority of crops grown in Western Canada.  To find the best product for your crop and farm, put […]

How To Keep Cutworms Away

If you have noticed some bare spots out in your field, specifically on hilltops and in sandy areas, it would be a good idea to check in on your crop. Cutworms have been very hungry over the past few weeks and we have been finding them feeding in an array of different crops.  The redbacked, […]

Flea Beetles – Chewing Their Way Into June

As many people find themselves finishing up the seeding season, we also find ourselves at the beginning stages of the bug season. If you have been out and about in your fields you have probably noticed small black bugs that are the size of a pin head bouncing around.  The striped and crucifer flea beetles […]

Weeding Out The Weeds

Whether you are watching from the cab of a drill, floater, combine, or sprayer, this Spring you can see specks of green littering your fields that were unbelievably clean last year. This previous year was an anomaly on the Canadian prairies – A dry, cold Spring, where we had uneven germination, and weed-less fields for […]