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The rise of biological seed treatment

When treating seeds with biological organisms was first suggested many years ago, the idea seemed like something out of a sci-fi comic book. But today, just like how these organisms proliferate in plant systems, the idea has proliferated in the R&D departments of top agricultural companies as research scientists join the race to find the […]

Seed treatment: How it affects cropping season

Looking to stay ahead of the game? Here’s why seed treatment is vital for a successful cropping season. If seeds could talk, they’d probably tell you they agree with Mike Tyson when he said ‘everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth’. Every seed has a plan – a plan to push […]

SynergyAG opens four new crop input retail locations in Western Canada

Govan, Saskatchewan – Prairie farmers have a new option in crop inputs and agronomic advice. SynergyAG, an independent chain of retail locations, begins operations this fall. “SynergyAG is the natural progression of our family’s 60 years in seed and crop nutrition retail,” said Brad Hanmer, President and CEO of SynergyAG. The Hanmer family also runs a […]

SynergyAG announces new Business Development Manager – Michael Kupper

Lumsden, Saskatchewan – Michael Kupper has joined SynergyAG as Business Development Manager for their Western Canadian operations. “We are proud to have Michael on our team with his depth, commitment and knowledge he brings to agriculture” said Brad Hanmer, President and CEO of SynergyAG. “Michael has over 25 years of experience in the agricultural input business. […]

Plains West Ag Services joins SynergyAG

Pense, Saskatchewan – Plains West Ag Services Ltd of Pense, SK has joined SynergyAG. As an independent crop input retailer, Plains West Ag Services has been owned and operated by the Wood family since 2004. “SynergyAG is extremely proud of this announcement. We believe this will strengthen our ability to provide another voice for independent crop […]

Cimbria Heid Treater in Lumsden

The Cimbria Heid treater is up and running in Lumsden. One impressive machine! Firstly, the system provides improved seed coverage. Likewise, it creates a more even distribution of treatment material on the seed compared to traditional continuously operating drum or screw-type coaters.

Santa for Seniors

During this past December, we partnered with our local drugstore and had a “Santa for Seniors” where we accepted donations to give to Continuing Care in order to purchase some items for recreation. SynergyAG Provost also matched the donations, and with the money, the following items were purchased by Recreation in Continuing Care multi-activity board […]