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Blackleg of Canola: Importance of Late Season Scouting

Blackleg is one of the most serious diseases of canola, capable of causing significant yield losses of over 50% in susceptible fields. The more devastating form of the disease is caused by the fungus Leptosphaeria maculans. It overwinters on infected canola stubble and releases spores in the spring, which are then dispersed by wind and […]

Identifying and Controlling Bertha Armyworm

  Bertha armyworm is one of the most destructive insect pests of crucifers in any year when there is a major outbreak. In Canada, it is found in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and some parts of British Columbia. Its preferred host plants include canola, rapeseed, mustard, and alfalfa, but it also attacks flax, peas and potato. The […]

What to Consider When Desiccating Canola

Harvest time is a critical stage in canola cultivation. Untimely harvesting and inappropriate harvesting techniques can reduce both yield and quality. If canola is straight cut, a desiccant can be applied to facilitate the harvest operation. As noted in the previous blog, desiccation is a useful way to accelerate dry down of the crop and minimize […]

Desiccation of Pulses

Legumes (pulses) are more susceptible to weather damage than cereals, so a delay in harvesting can lead to loss of yield and deterioration of quality. To reduce the time from maturity to combining, field crops may be desiccated. Desiccation is the chemical termination of plant growth at the stage when all growth functions, seed size […]

Keep an eye out for diamondback moth

The diamondback moth has the creepy reputation of being the most destructive insect pest of Brassica crops in various parts of the world. The insect attacks plants in the Brassicaceae family including canola, cabbage, mustard, broccoli, kale and cauliflower. It is estimated to cost the world economy US$4–5 billion annually and is particularly problematic in […]

Tackling Fusarium Head-on

Recently, I sat at the edge of my seat, staring at my computer screen in shock as I read a BBC news story about how scientists are battling to save my favourite fruit from extinction. The Panama disease that threatened to wipe out bananas in the 1950s had made an aggressive comeback. This current outbreak […]

Benefits of tissue testing

How to tap into the several benefits of tissue testing Managing fertility in crop production is not the easiest thing to do. Nobody holds all the pieces of the puzzle. Many times, we are left to play with the pieces left behind after nature has done playing. Our success often depends on how well we […]