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Agronomy Services 

   Boots in the fields, head in the books,customers best interests at heart, and real results in hand is how we like to operate.

Our highly trained team of agronomists are happy to work with you by scouting fields and giving advice that makes sense for your farm.

We offer access to advanced diagnostic tools such as soil and tissue sampling. We also provide disease diagnostic instruments such as Q-Protect. 

Our agronomists can help interpret your results and apply an effective and efficient solution if needed.

Crop Protection

Top of the line crop protection products to protect your crops from pests, disease, and weeds. We stock a range of chemistry’s and are constantly looking for innovative solutions to combat resistance issues.

Crop Nutrition

Crop nutrition at SynergyAG includes traditional fertilizers as well as custom blends of nutrients tailored for your specific needs. Unique products such as Bio-Sul can also be integrated into your farms fertility program.

Seed Nutrition & Protection

Our Govan location is the home of the first Saskatchewan custom drive through seed treater!

We proudly offer custom designed seed treatment packages that are tailored to fit every farm.

Contact us to talk about what seed treatments can help get your next growing season off to an excellent start!

 Roots you can count on

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